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Cidade inteligente, enclave privado

Deu no Yahoo Finance 
15-02-2019, por Jessy Bains 

Google sister company wants a cut of Toronto's property taxes for developing smart city
Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs wants a cut of Toronto’s revenue to build out its vision of a futuristic data-driven smart city.
Sidewalk Toronto’s vision for urban development (Sidewalk Toronto)
Fonte: Yahoo Finance
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The project has been controversial from the start. Critics have been calling out the Google (GOOG) sister company and its partner Waterfront Toronto for lack of clarity around data collection and intellectual property. 
Sidewalk Toronto is offering to help finance transit projects through the neighbouring Portlands area to speed up the process. Sidewalk Toronto says it should get a portion of developer fees and property taxes in exchange for developing the currently rundown area which is 30 times larger than the Quayside neighbourhood where Sidewalk Toronto plans to build its smart city.
Sidewalk Toronto also says it could build a new Canadian headquarters on Villiers Island and a timber factory in Ontario to build help build the smart city — creating 4,000 jobs in the process. (Continua)