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A renda da terra é o melhor negócio

Deu no the Economist
28-08-2021, por The Economist
Big British companies are entering the rental market
The build-to-rent sector is booming

(..) One reason for the boom, says Andrew Burrell of Capital Economics, a consultancy, is that retail and office properties are comparatively unappealing. Many investors wish to keep some capital in British real estate, but fear that shopping centres and high streets are in long-term decline, and that office rentals will be hit by the post-pandemic rise in working from home. Residential demand shifts mainly with demography and is less buffeted by the business cycle. People will still need somewhere to sleep, says Lawrence Bowles of Savills, a property firm: “You can’t digitalise a bed.” And in an era of low interest rates, steady rental income becomes more attractive.