quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2015

Sassen: é isto cidade?

Deu no The Guardian/cities online
24-11-2015, por Saskia Sassen

Who owns our cities – and why this urban takeover should concern us all 
Atlantic Yards Housing Project,© SHoP Architects

(..) The corporatising of access and control over urban land has extended not only to high-end urban sites, but also to the land beneath the homes of modest households and government offices. We are witnessing an unusually large scale of corporate buying of whole pieces of cities in the last few years. The mechanisms for these extractions are often far more complex than the outcomes, which can be quite elementary in their brutality.
One key transformation is a shift from mostly small private to large corporate modes of ownership, and from public to private. This is a process that takes place in bits and pieces, some big and some small, and to some extent these practices have long been part of the urban land market and urban development. But today’s scale-up takes it all to a whole new dimension, one that alters the historic meaning of the city. (Continua)

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