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24-11-1016, por Oliver Wainright

Zaha Hadid's successor: scrap art schools, privatise cities and bin social housing
(..) The late Hadid’s work might have long been a source of astonishment, for its sci-fi forms and gravity-defying structural feats, but now she’s gone, her practice is prompting incredulity for a very different reason. The queen of the curve has been supplanted by the king of free-market libertarianism. And he’s not holding back.
(..) Raging against the “social engineering” of housing design guides and the “intellectually bankrupt” idea of land use plans, he [Patrik Schumacher] set out his Urban Policy Manifesto, which rambled from scrapping housing space standards to abolishing all forms of rent control and tenancy regulation. He welcomed London’s influx of overseas investors and defended the “buy to  leave” culture, arguing that “even if these global entrepreneurs are only here for a few weeks, they throw some key parties and these are amazing multiplying events”. (Continua)

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