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Cidade inteligente, enclave privado (2)

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18-05-2019, por Jane Wakefield
The Google city that has angered Toronto
That would include autonomous cars, innovative ways to collect rubbish and shared spaces for communities to come together in new ways.

Sidewalk Toronto’s vision for urban development (Sidewalk Toronto)
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Sidewalk Labs, a sister company to Google, had earmarked disused land in Toronto, Canada for this bold urban experiment, which it hoped would become a model for other cities around the world.
The fact that it would be collecting a lot of data from sensors placed all around the harbourside development unsettled some.Now many are asking whether a private firm should take charge of urban improvement at all.
This group [Block Sidewalk] was formed because leaked documents in the Toronto Star suggested Sidewalk Labs had a far grander vision than the 12-acre (48,500-sq m) site it had talked about. We were concerned that we were not getting transparency," Ms Wylie told the BBC.
The article she refers to alleged that the Google-affiliate wanted to build a much bigger neighbourhood at Quayside and provide new transport for it.
In return for its investment it wanted a share of property taxes, development fees and increased value of city land that would normally go to the city.
This has not been disputed by Sidewalk Labs. (Continua)