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O capital no século XXI: precariápolis

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05-03-2020, por BBC News
Nigeria housing: 'I live in a floating slum' in Lagos

Imagem: BBC

From above, the Oko-Agbon neighbourhood, in the infamous Makoko floating slum, looks almost picturesque.
Little wooden shacks on stilts sit on top of dark water. 
Imagem: BBC
Residents move from one to another on canoes, calling out to neighbours and friends. Some outsiders have fancifully described it as the Venice of Africa. 
However, get closer and it is a different picture. 
The water is full of household rubbish, including needles and human faeces. There is a suffocating smell of rotten fish hanging in the air. 
Hundreds of people live here in very close quarters and there is little privacy. 
Yet despite these conditions, this has been a refuge for some. (Continua)