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Republicanização da moradia

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15-12-2020, por Carey L Biron 

Under one roof: U.S. cities look to co-living to ease housing crisis
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Often 30% cheaper than a studio apartment, shared housing units give tenants more options and frees up homes for families to rent

(..) Informal shared housing - when someone finds roommates and splits the cost of an apartment - remains a key way for young people to move to urban areas and join the workforce.

Formal shared housing - also known as co-living when it refers to tenants from higher income levels - differs in that a specialized firm vets applicants and typically deals with utility bills so tenants have just one monthly payment.

The rise of this type of housing has also allowed companies to construct or refurbish buildings specifically for this use.

The idea is not a new one but it is seeing a resurgence in U.S. cities as both residents and housing providers grapple with an ongoing shortage of affordable units. (..)