quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2019


Deu no The Guardian 08-07-2019, por Oliver Wainwright
'The next era of human progress': what lies behind the global new cities epidemic? 
Fonte: à beira do urbanismo set 2014
(..) The escapist urge to build cities from scratch is nothing new. At the turn of the 19th century, the Garden City Movement saw a generation of bucolic communities planned in reaction to the grime and overcrowding of rapidly industrialising cities, driven by a powerful campaign for social reform. Half a century later, the New Town movement developed these ideas, promising a brave new world of modern, self-sufficient municipalities rising from the ruins of the second world war, and focused on building an inclusive, democratic society. Now, in the first decades of a new millennium, a surge in global population growth and a sense of impending environmental armageddon have spurred an epidemic of planned cities of a very different kind. This time they are being conceived by private multinational corporations as gilt-edged gated communities and tax-exempt free-trade hubs, each branded as the ultimate techno-eco-utopia. (Continua)