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Subsidiado e integrado - como tem de ser

Deu no The Guardian / Cities
09-07-2019, por Philip Oltermann

Vienna’s euro-a-day public transport model could waltz into Berlin
Berliners could pay as little as €1 a day to use public transport for a year under plans to wean the German capital off its cars and reduce air pollution, its mayor has announced.
“Step by step I want to follow the goal of introducing an annual public transport ticket for €365,” Michael Müller told Neue Zürcher Zeitung. An annual ticket normally costs €761.
Such a move would make Berlin the latest German city to emulate what has come to be known as the “Vienna model”: public transport use in the Austrian capital has shot up since the operator Wiener Linien lowered the price of an annual season ticket from €449 to €365 in May 2012.
In Vienna, 822,000 people, almost half the city’s population, have an annual ticket, and the percentage of journeys made by underground, tram or bus has increased to 38% – compared with 27% in Berlin, 23% in Munich and 18% in Hamburg.
Several German cities are investigating season-ticket models along Viennese lines, as city authorities across Europe examine ways to meet EU pollution targets. (Continua)