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23-09-2019, por BBC News
Housing crisis affects estimated 8.4 million in England – research
An estimated 8.4 million people in England are living in an unaffordable, insecure or unsuitable home, according to the National Housing Federation.
Foto: Frantzesco Kangaris / The Guardian
The federation said analysis suggests the housing crisis was impacting all ages across every part of the country.
It includes people facing issues such as overcrowded housing or being unable to afford their rent or mortgage.
(..)The research estimated:
  • 3.6 million people are living in an overcrowded home
  • 2.5 million are unable to afford their rent or mortgage
  • 2.5 million are in "hidden households" they cannot afford to move out of, including house shares, adults living with their parents, or people living with an ex-partner
  • 1.7 million are in unsuitable housing such as older people stuck in homes they cannot get around and families in properties which have no outside space
  • 1.4 million are in poor quality homes
  • 400,000 are homeless or at risk of homelessness - including people sleeping rough, living in homeless shelters, temporary accommodation or sofa-surfing
Some people may have more than one of these housing problems, the federation said. (Continua)