quarta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2019

Nord Shopping

Deu no The Guardian
04-09-2019, por Angelique Chrisafis
Gare du Nord revamp ‘indecent’, say leading French architects
Open letter attacks €600m plan to create vast shopping space in Paris railway station
(..) “This project is unacceptable and we demand a rethink from floor to rafters,” the protesting architects wrote in Le Monde, adding that it was indecent to send travellers up and down a mess of walkways, lifts and escalators, forcing them past shops to reach their platforms. They said that the vast volumes of the “beautiful” train hall would be “denatured” by adding high walkways. They warned of committing a “serious urban error” in the form of a giant shopping centre that risked killing smaller local trade in the Paris region.
(..) Green politicians in Paris have also complained about the plans and one local oversight body recently ruled against planning permission. But the Gare du Nord development team saw this as a minor hiccup. They will appeal and fully intend the work to go ahead. 
(..) The station in the north of Paris is Europe’s biggest rail hub, with 700,000 passengers a day – including those arriving from London on the Eurostar and 500,000 local passengers who use trains connecting the Paris suburbs. (Continua)

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