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America the Beautiful

Deu no The Guardian
04-02-2020, por Martin Pengelly 
Trump wants to 'Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Again' with neoclassical order
Obras do mausoléu da família do 
imperador Trump I na localidade 
de Athens, província da Georgia, 
a cargo do Departamento de 
Arquitetura do Federal Reserve
Donald Trump wants to “make federal buildings beautiful again” by mandating a return to “the classical architectural style”, according to a draft executive order obtained by Architectural Record on Tuesday.
The Record reported that it had obtained “what appears to be a preliminary draft of the order”.
Under the order, it said, the White House would require a rewrite of the Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture, issued in 1962, “to ensure that ‘the classical architectural style shall be the preferred and default style’ for new and upgraded federal buildings”. (Continua)